Sellers ask me all the time “What can we do to make our home more attractive so it sells quicker?”.  Here’s a few ideas to consider:

- Remodel your Kitchen.  If you want to increase the value of your home, add modern appliances, clean or reface cabinets, consider adding a solid surface countertop and new fixtures.

- Remodel your Bathrooms.  Buyers today are looking for modern conveniences.  Do you need an updated vanity, countertop and fixtures?  If you have wallpaper, it’s a MUST for you to remove and replace with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint.

- Replace flooring where applicable.  Hardwood and ceramic tile are very popular among today’s buyers.  Carpet is passe! 

- Remove “unnecessary belonging” (i.e. clutter).  If you’re selling your home, you can get a head start with packing by boxing up all your knick-knacks, photographs, etc.  Clutter makes rooms feel small and dirty.  Open up your floor space and rearrange the furniture to take advantage of the floor plan.

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