Today’s trend is to bring your indoor setting outdoors. Let me explain…everyone is looking for more living space and one great way to do that economically is to create a comfortable living space outdoors.  Think of your living room or family room.  You have furniture, lighting, and accessories.  For your outdoor living space, you will want the same elements. 

If your patio is directly off your den or family room, consider tying to the two spaces together.  For example, if your family room is primarily decorated in blue and brown then use blue and brown in your outdoor space as well.  Find comfortable and durable resin furniture (brown) and accessorize with blue pillows and blue flowers.  This will visually extend the inside room and make it appear larger. 

Also, don’t forget the grill.  Is your grill clean?  Think of the message you are sending when buyers see a dirty grill.  If your grill is sparkling clean then they will think the same of your home.  What is the condition of your grill cover?  If it is tattered and worn then it’s time to get rid of it.  If you know in advance that your home is being shown that day then remove the grill cover and let your sparkling clean grill shine to all the buyers to tour your home.