If  you’re trying to sell your home over the holiday season, do you decorate your home or take a year off from those darn holiday lights?  As with everything in life, you need “balance”.  Here are some helpful hints to consider when dragging out your holiday decorations.

Don’t go overboard and be selective.  Remember the “less is more theory”.  Instead of displaying every holiday knick-knack that you’ve collected over the years, select your favorites and try to avoid decorations with any religious conotation (examples include nativity scenes, menorahs, etc.).  The goal when selling your home is to appeal to the masses and you don’t want to offend anyone who may not share the same religious values as your family. 

Think festive and inviting…use seasonal greens and plants for holiday decorations.  Nothing is more welcoming than a healthy evergreen wreath with fresh ribbon on the front door and a brand new welcome mat.  It’s time to throw away those tattered decorations and remove all out of season (dead) plants.  For added color, place several festive poinsettias or Christmas cacti throughout the home.   

Size does matter when selecting your Christmas tree.  Many of us are guilty of picking a tree that looks perfect at the tree farm and then we get it home to find out that it fills the Family Room.  An oversized tree is telling potential buyers that the room is too small to meet their needs.  Be aware of the tree’s width when selecting your holiday tree this year. In fact, this year may be the perfect time to try one of those pencil trees.  It’s important to take your tree down immediately following the holidays.

Lastly, if your Realtor takes MLS photos during the holidays, invite them back after the decorations are put away so your photos don’t look dated.   It’s embarrassing to see photos with Christmas trees in the background when the daffodils are blooming in April.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at Michelle@HarrisburgHouses.net.