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Published by Michelle on 16 Dec 2010

Decorate or Not to Decorate? That is the Question This Holiday Season

If  you’re trying to sell your home over the holiday season, do you decorate your home or take a year off from those darn holiday lights?  As with everything in life, you need “balance”.  Here are some helpful hints to consider when dragging out your holiday decorations.

Don’t go overboard and be selective.  Remember the “less is more theory”.  Instead of displaying every holiday knick-knack that you’ve collected over the years, select your favorites and try to avoid decorations with any religious conotation (examples include nativity scenes, menorahs, etc.).  The goal when selling your home is to appeal to the masses and you don’t want to offend anyone who may not share the same religious values as your family. 

Think festive and inviting…use seasonal greens and plants for holiday decorations.  Nothing is more welcoming than a healthy evergreen wreath with fresh ribbon on the front door and a brand new welcome mat.  It’s time to throw away those tattered decorations and remove all out of season (dead) plants.  For added color, place several festive poinsettias or Christmas cacti throughout the home.   

Size does matter when selecting your Christmas tree.  Many of us are guilty of picking a tree that looks perfect at the tree farm and then we get it home to find out that it fills the Family Room.  An oversized tree is telling potential buyers that the room is too small to meet their needs.  Be aware of the tree’s width when selecting your holiday tree this year. In fact, this year may be the perfect time to try one of those pencil trees.  It’s important to take your tree down immediately following the holidays.

Lastly, if your Realtor takes MLS photos during the holidays, invite them back after the decorations are put away so your photos don’t look dated.   It’s embarrassing to see photos with Christmas trees in the background when the daffodils are blooming in April.

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Published by Michelle on 14 Jul 2010

Want to Add Value and Desirability to Your Home?

Sellers ask me all the time “What can we do to make our home more attractive so it sells quicker?”.  Here’s a few ideas to consider:

- Remodel your Kitchen.  If you want to increase the value of your home, add modern appliances, clean or reface cabinets, consider adding a solid surface countertop and new fixtures.

- Remodel your Bathrooms.  Buyers today are looking for modern conveniences.  Do you need an updated vanity, countertop and fixtures?  If you have wallpaper, it’s a MUST for you to remove and replace with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint.

- Replace flooring where applicable.  Hardwood and ceramic tile are very popular among today’s buyers.  Carpet is passe! 

- Remove “unnecessary belonging” (i.e. clutter).  If you’re selling your home, you can get a head start with packing by boxing up all your knick-knacks, photographs, etc.  Clutter makes rooms feel small and dirty.  Open up your floor space and rearrange the furniture to take advantage of the floor plan.

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Published by Michelle on 12 Jul 2008

“Staycation” in Central PA?

With soaring gas and food prices, many of us will be experiencing a “staycation” during the summer of 2008.  A “staycation” is a vacation spent at or near home.  If you’re home is currently for sale, it’s a good idea to create a staycation atmosphere throughout your home and especially in the backyard.  Stage your home so that when buyers walk through that they can picture themselves hanging out and relaxing in their new paradise.

Several of the major retailers are jumping on the band wagon by running major ad campaigns surrounding this concept.  The whole idea is that you don’t have to leave your home to have an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.  What do you need to have the perfect staycation?  Think of a resort and some of the amenities they offer to their guests - comfortable outdoor furniture that is perfect for an afternoon siesta, backyard toys (anything that makes a backyard more fun), a lush flower garden, perhaps a fire pit to take the edge off of a chilly evening and definately some great food! 

Here are some suggestions as to how to plan your staycation to make it a success:

- Schedule start and end dates.  Make your vacation official by scheduling time off.  

- Plan daily activities.  Don’t let yourself and your family sit in front of the television all week.  Schedule activities (at home and within your community) so you get out and have fun.

- Forget the chores!  For your time off, forget making the bed and doing laundry.  After all, you are on vacation!

- Ignore email and voice mail.  It’s hard but try to forget about work demands.  You’ve worked hard all year and deserve the time off so take it.  If you must check in with the office, limit it to an hour a day and when the hour is over then go back on vacation. 

An added benefit of a staycation is that after it’s over you will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated than if you traveled to a destination.  Face it, the logistics of travel are not fun and often very draining on the family.  If I don’t have to wait in line, strip down in front of strangers and take off my shoes to go through airport security, I’m all for it!

Published by Michelle on 08 May 2008

Staging Your Patio

Today’s trend is to bring your indoor setting outdoors. Let me explain…everyone is looking for more living space and one great way to do that economically is to create a comfortable living space outdoors.  Think of your living room or family room.  You have furniture, lighting, and accessories.  For your outdoor living space, you will want the same elements. 

If your patio is directly off your den or family room, consider tying to the two spaces together.  For example, if your family room is primarily decorated in blue and brown then use blue and brown in your outdoor space as well.  Find comfortable and durable resin furniture (brown) and accessorize with blue pillows and blue flowers.  This will visually extend the inside room and make it appear larger. 

Also, don’t forget the grill.  Is your grill clean?  Think of the message you are sending when buyers see a dirty grill.  If your grill is sparkling clean then they will think the same of your home.  What is the condition of your grill cover?  If it is tattered and worn then it’s time to get rid of it.  If you know in advance that your home is being shown that day then remove the grill cover and let your sparkling clean grill shine to all the buyers to tour your home.

Published by Michelle on 21 Mar 2008

Benefits of Staging Your Home

The top three benefits of staging your home include:

1) Studies have shown that staged homes usually sell for more money than unstaged homes. Often the additional gain is many times what the cost of the staging was.

2) Staged homes usually sell much more quickly than unstaged homes. If you are being transferred, have an estate sale, doing a 1031 exchange, or want to sell quickly for any reason, staging will usually help.

3) More satisfied buyers mean less chance of a deal falling through.

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Published by Michelle on 21 Mar 2008

Home Staging Tips

Most buyers make a decision about a house within the first 15 seconds walking in the door.  Did you know that others make their decision before leaving their car?  First impressions are extremely important when selling your home so don’t forget about “staging” the exterior of your home as well.  Some helpful hints include:  remove the clutter, apply fresh paint where its needed, trim those overgrown bushes and pull those weeds.  For an added touch, place a few flower pots by your front door and buy a new welcome mat.  A few dollars can go along way…

Published by Michelle on 13 Mar 2008

Curb Appeal Stops Traffic and Puts More Money in Your Pocket

Sometimes stagers will also help reduce the negative impact of some challenge the house may have. For example, if there is traffic noise from a nearby busy street, they might put a fountain in the yard to create a more pleasant atmosphere. One may think that buyers make logical decisions, but often emotions guide buyers to what just “feels right”. Creating a warm, inviting and attractive atmosphere can make a huge difference to the seller of a home (and put more money in their pocket).